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Plan it & Launch it

The Plan-it & Launch it Program and all its individual parts kick off on September 1, 2022!

You'll begin with the Pre-Work for your Business Framework. 

6 Modules

Plan it & Launch it

Plan it & Launch it is a four-part system of videos, fun-to-do activities, and in-depth guides to help you overcome obstacles and go the distance.

The key to creating a lifestyle of ultimate freedom.

Plan it & Launch includes: 

  • Pitch your Business Idea
  • Pitch your Freebie
  • Pitch your offer
  • Pitch your membership

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Pitch Your Business Idea

When starting a business knowing your framework is key to helping you build something amazing. And you can do it your way because life’s too short to not do what you’ve always wanted to do!

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Pitch Your Freebie

It’s not enough to just start a business and pitch it to the world. You need a way to grow one of your biggest assets, your email list. Find the ways you can grow your list. 

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Pitch Your Offer

With business and freebie in hand, you need an offer that invites people to invest and purchase from you. You can’t just build it and hope people come, you need something that makes a difference.

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Pitch Your Membership

Working with people 1:1 is amazing – whether you have a product or service-based business. You can create more time and leverage your income with a membership to broaden your impact.

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As part of the Plan it + Launch it Program we offer the Marketplace to share your business, your freebie, your offer, or your membership! We also promote it to the Rebels Den Community! 

Modules for this product 6
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