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My Rebel Year

You can create a life you love and you can be happy but it's difficult when life feels like it's in a constant state of chaos.

My Rebel Year was created to empower you, to help you break the rules of who you're supposed to be, be willing to contradict yourself, and do it raw and openly. 

You're here because you're ready to break the mold through creativity and birthing new ideas.

I’m Petra Monaco.

I’m a mom, author, serial entrepreneur and a creative soul, just like you.

People, situations and internal negativity held me captive for years.

It was like a prison I carried with me, keeping me from making my dreams a reality.

As a product of Germany’s foster care system from age 2, everyone around me was ready to tell me I was a lost cause...

That sex, drugs, alcohol, and bad choices were going to drown out any hope of freedom and creativity in my life.

I let their toxic words seep into my very soul, and I almost proved their sad predictions right.

Living an intuitive, creative life seemed like an impossible dream until . . .

I became a rebel.

You don’t have to live out the stories and predictions that have followed you through life. You don’t have to accept limitations.

You have a choice. 

Chose to rebel.

Here’s what it means: 

Rebels are driven by their vision for the future and fueled by passion, loving yourself, and being a force to be reckoned with.

Rebels are relentless and believe in themselves no matter what others say or the challenges you are facing, because you laugh in the face of fears, and are good with your mistakes while creating your own path.

Rebels take back the power from their captors and let go of the past, embracing the now and trusting that their experiences have a purpose.

Rebels are strongest together and you speak your truth and help others do the same.

Rebels see the spark in others and help fan it into flame by being your real, free, and authentic selves.

But it's also embracing the light and the dark to step into yourself - perfectly imperfect. It's paying attention to your intuition and listening to your heart so that you can create a life that aligns with you in every single way.

It’s all this, and so much more. 

Come and create your Rebel Year with us.

Inside My Rebel Year, you will 

Personal stories and lessons from my own life experiences in life + business.

Tips, tools, and techniques to help create the life you want through art

Guided meditations to tap into your inner self

Journal Prompts to support a daily writing practice

Curated Content to help you in life + business

Access to all of the Rebel Shine Summits

27 Modules

Evaluate your life and where you are

If something isn't working, it's time to evaluate your life and where you are 

Modules for this product 27
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