30-Day Goal Coaching with Petra

30-Day Goal Coaching with Petra

What do you do when you hear

  • You can't have the cake and eat it too because it's not realistic 
  • You should have a job with benefits because it's safe
  • You're not smart or good enough so don't bother trying 

You decide

  • to break free form the status quo and choose your own legacy 
  • that what other people think of you is none of your business 
  • to create whatever the hell brings you joy and have fun living your life 

Here's what I know to be true

No one can tell you what you should be, do or have in your life. There's only one person that gets to choose that, and that person is you. 

I also know that doing it alone may be totally preferred but sometimes having someone in your corner who has been there and traveled the journey of overcoming all things, helping you squash your excuses and holds you accountable is necessary. 

Something that I learned from growing up in foster care, being an immigrant and becoming a special needs parent is this:

Life is too short to mess about and it's time that the excuses and BS are eliminated!  

30-Day Goal Coaching with Petra 

  • We get together on zoom for 90 minutes and dive into what you want to be, do and have!
  • We'll talk about the blocks, barriers, and the stories that get in the way of you showing up for your be, do and have goals!
  • We will develop an action plan together with strategies that serve you! 
  • 30-Days following our call you will have access to me via Voxer so that whenever you need feedback, support, guidance or strategy you'll get it without the need to wait a week or three!
  • When and if appropriate I provide tools and resources to go the next step because well there’s no room or time for excuses! 

Keep in mind that only you are responsible for your success by showing up and doing the work - so ask the questions you need to ask, share the thoughts and anything else that comes up! 

I'm not some magical Unicorn but I am someone that can support you, give you a second thought and look at things because well you're in charge of things. Just know that an open mind will help along the way to help you look at things differently! 

In case we haven’t met yet, I am not one to sugar coat things alas I am straight-forward about with you but from a place of compassion, love and believing in you and your success! 

I only have limited spots available! 

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